Inspiration lies everywhere. I know it’s cheesy and such an over used statement but it’s true. Recently I’ve found it during the most regular of activities. Inspiration for pictures has come to me whilst walking through IKEA. Inspiration for home decor has come to me during a family birthday dinner.

It’s about really taking in what’s around you. Seeing the world through a different perspective. Today my angle was from behind a sippy cup of tea. (Scott got more tea than expected, I helped him drink it. I only had sippy cup to hand) looking out the window into a field of yellow sitting under a collection of Enid Blyton sketches, I was inspired to decorate the bathroom.

It may seem rediculous but it was in that moment I had the idea and the design hit me. My only big issue? The outcome matching the image in my head.

These recent moments of crafty inspiration have payed off. I’ve let myself go with what I’m thinking and it’s so far come out well. So go with the flow. Let the things around you give you ideas. Take those ideas and I’ll with them. If they work, congratulations! If not, go for a walk, beer, cake or a nap and find something new to inspire you.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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