Book books books!

So as promised I’m taking time to do my first review of books for little ones. So I thought I’d start with a few of our favourite ‘crabby night’ stories. These are books we read when she’s just a little too tired for a full story, but not tired enough to go straight to bed.

First up is Sleepyhead by Karma Wilson & John Segal

This has been our go to tired story pretty much since day one. It’s a lovely story about big bear trying to get little bear to bed. Big bear tells sleepyhead it’s time for bed and in typical little one style sleepyhead goes through a list of things that needs to be done before little bear can sleep. It’s cute, quick and and the pictures are nice too. I like that there’s also no gender or role assigned to the characters so anyone can read this book to any little person and it fits.

Next we have a new favourite we loaned from the library this week, sometimes … By Emma Dodd

This is a wonderful little book. It’s been added to our online book basket as it’s just perfect for grumpy story time. Or for those nights the cheeky wee monsters demand two stories. It explains how sometimes you are sad, mad, happy, good, bad, nice but no matter what you are loved. That’s pretty much the story but it’s lovely. The pictures are excellent and have silver reflective paper which just adds a lovely touch. Maybe more for babies and toddlers than older kids but still a pretty book.
Our next book is Anthony and the ants by Gemma Raynor

A simple little story about an anteater who can’t eascape ants. All he wants to do is eat his food in peace but the ants keep running away with it. He decides to escape to a mountain before facing a hungry bear, thankfully the ants are on hand to save him. This book is suitable for most it think. It’s one I think would still be enjoyed by those learning to read. Again the pictures are lovely and it’s a nice quick story.

Last but not least we have Rhinos great big itch by Natalie chivers

Rhino has an itch. He can’t reach it so looks for help. That’s when he finds bird. And a beautiful friendship begins. That’s it. That’s basically the story except Natalie tells it much better than I. This one allows for a few funny voices and again has nice pictures and is just a lovely book. It’s again good for most ages and perfect for solo readers.

Well that’s it for this week. Those are our favourite and new favourite bad day bedtime stories. If you’ve read them let me know what you thought, if not please give them a try and let me know what you think.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

2 thoughts on “Book books books!

  1. How old are your littles? My daughter is two and I am searching for good potty training books. Right now we have “potty princess” but that is it, and I need a little more positive hype around using the potty, haha!


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