Bedtime … Just kidding

Bedtime has become a game. A very long drawn out game. A game we only play on Sunday nights or Monday nights (when I’m really lucky it’s both nights) What’s so special about those two nights I hear you ask? These are the nights daddy works lates. The nights I’m flying solo. The nights he won’t be home until after 1am. The nights she plays every trick she knows.

It’s also usually on the nights I have things to do. Or things I would like to do. I mean I have a sink full of dishes right now, but I decided they can spend the night camping out on the kitchen counter whilst I do some crafts. Well whilst I think about doing some crafts since baby has other ideas of how to spend my free time.

She has been crawling for a few weeks now. Has recently started pulling herself up on things, and I now walk in her room to find her staring me out as she stands holding on to the side of the cot. Bedtime is great fun. I spend half the night laying her back down. Quarter of it finding a dummy and the rest of my time is made up of feeds, changes soothing and pretending she’s gonna fall asleep ‘any minute now‘. I don’t run to the second she makes a peep (anymore) I give her time to sort herself out and to resettle but it often escalates into a full scale freak out.

Sometimes she lures me into a sence of false hope and ‘actually settles‘. I finally get a glass of water, tidy the dinner time/bath time/ play time carnage, make something to eat, sit on the couch then … She’s wailing like a banchee. I go in to sooth her and she freaks out till you pick her up. You ignore it in hopes she’ll settle alone, but instead she gets louder and louder and louder untill you inevitably go in.

Do we get this when daddy’s home? Not often. Those two are as think as thieves. She does as he says with little fight and radiates sun beems when he enters the room. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well except maybe she’d do as I said too once in awhile and maybe sleep a little better for me.

But instead I’m laying in the dark with a bottle of water just a little too far out of reach and a sleeping baby on my chest and a phone at 14% battery, hoping that the next time I put her into her cot us the last time for tonight.

My love to all those mama’s with babies who just can’t seem to make friends with sleep, and to those of you who’s babies are sleeping … Can you come make me a snack and fetch my water bottle?

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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