Books books books!

In our house we read ALOT. I maybe don’t get the chance to read for myself all that often just now but I still get to read everyday. Long gone are the days I’d could read a new novel a week (I’m lucky to manage a short story in a week now) I’ve on many occasions I’ve picked up a ‘grow-ups‘ book and told myself I’ll read it and added it to the ever growing pile at the side of the bed. Each night though I go on a mini adventure with my mini human. We read a different story (most nights) and transport to a different world of bugs, robots, monsters, witches or fairies and I help her find a love for pages and imagination.

When we found out we were expecting we decided we wanted to create an amazing collection for our little lady. We had shelving made by a family member (there’s a few more up now) and we worked on filling them until we ran out of space. (This didn’t take long) slowly but surely we had books everywhere. She has a basket just for board books. A table for the ones that don’t fit on shelves and a few have found shelter on our bookshelf.

At around four month old we got her first library card. Since then we’ve taken out books almost every week. We take out three or four and alternate with our own books as not to exhaust our collection too quickly. I also use it as a way to find more books we can buy. I mean can one truly ever have too many books?

I’ve decided to start writing about our favourite books once in awhile sharing the ones that we love, the ones that work on those crabby nights and the ones you could probably pass on to the charity shop.

Love and hugs,

4 thoughts on “Books books books!

  1. We love reading, too! I’m so excited for your upcoming posts! I think it’s great that you read a different book every night; my 4yo wants to reread books a LOT (sometimes 4-5 nights in a row), and even though we do read a lot of different ones, the repetition gets to my husband and I sometimes…. Also, it’s interesting that I don’t recognize many books in your pictures – you have a very different collection than we do. Can’t wait to read about yours!

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    1. Thank you 😘 I guess we are just lucky right now that she’s still too little to request books, though I used to tell my niece that the book we’d reread to exhaustion was tired and needed a ‘holiday’ (relocation to another room) and that usually worked … I pretty much picu up any book I see especially when on deal so it’s a wild collection

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