A good week

Ignoring the off nights (it’s become a habit now) this week has been wonderful. We’ve had lots of family time, both just us three amigos and immediate family. We’ve done LOTS of stuff and yet it’s been equally balanced with rest time. Sometimes it’s the most basic of activities that you appreciate and enjoy the most.

We’ve spent time cooking this week as it really is our families favorite activity to do together. Missy loves getting messy and we enjoy teaching her a life task whilst benefiting from it. We made low sugar biscuits this week so I could have a practice in preparation for her first birthday. They turned out great considering all (I was expecting a monstrous morphing blob to come out rather than teddies) a few tweaks to the recipe and they’ll be good to go.

We made veggie Bolognese too, it was originally supposed to be lasagna but I realised I had nothing for white sauce in so spag bol it was. I also surprised Scott to a huge pot (he’s been eating it all week) of chicken and rice soup which he loves. Our kitchen has truly felt the love this week.

We celebrated a family birthday this week too with Scott’s papa turning 81. I forgot to make a cake but tarted up a cheesecake so he didn’t miss out. It’s not everyday you eat three courses but some call for it. Birthdays being one of those occasions.

We spent an evening with my mum and sister again making dinner and picking up shopping. Whole foods is my haven. Sometimes a chill night catching up us what you need.

We spent lots of time just the three of us relaxing and getting time alone. It’s important to make the most of those days. Life is so fast sometimes you don’t realise how quickly it’s passing by. Take advantage of those lazy days. Enjoy those family walks to the park or just around the block. Make the most of those menial tasks like walker shopping. A day will come where you’ll miss it all.

This week has been topped off with a good catch up with friends. We’ve had coffee, eaten cake, drank tea and walked our little legs off (fitness levels really need worked on) it’s nice o be able to talk to people in your boat about things other than weaning and poop. Your sanity relys on it.

This summer we are hoping to do/visit at least one new place a week. You have to keep life interesting and although mama says and I stood outside of Holmwood house I still felt I couldn’t officially count it since I didn’t get to view the interior (we may have to go earlier next time if only to sample the tea room) so we checked this week off with a visit to Scotland Street school. It’s pram friendly, has an area you can eat your own lunch in (the cafe was closed when we went) lots of information about school in decades past and Glasgow’s history. And on some days has activities on for kids (not that our 9 month old would have cared) and interactive info boards and dress up.

It’s been a simple week. It’s been a great week. I can say my mood has lifted and I’m back on track. Even whilst missy is going through sleep regression it’s still going well.

I hope your having a great week. Even if the best thing to happen is that you caught up with laundry or managed to get a hot cup of tea. Just remember your week of calm is round the corner. You’re doing great.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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