Happy 1st father’s day!

You really have grown into the most wonderful father. You’ve taken the journey from, guy who has no idea what on earth to do with a baby, to becoming the one who knows her better than I, in so many ways.

You have so much love and passion for her. You beem with pride and excitement in equal measure as she continues to grow and learn new things. You are building an unbreakable bond, teaching her what she needs to know and showing her what she can expect from life. You are allowing her to see just how she deserves to be treated and that above all she is loved.

I wasn’t prepared for how wonderful you would be. You knew what each little cry ment before I did. You got those first laughs out of her. You know exactly how she likes things. You have such a strong bond already that I can’t even imagine how it’s going to grow. You’re as thick as thieves.

I love watching you together. It warms my heart. You are exactly the father I wanted for my children. You are better than I could have ever imagined.

Untill now I never understood why father’s day existed. I never had the bond you two have. I never had the unconditional love and support you shower over her everyday. I missed out on the joy you two share on a daily basis. I’m so glad that I’ve successfully given her something I never had. A wonderful, loving father who would go to the end of the earth for her. You have made me realise exactly why a day of celebration exists for dads.

Dad’s are amazing. They do just as much as mums. They work just as hard. And they miss out on so much without complaint. See that guilt you feel going back to work? He had to face that when baby was only weeks old. See the envy you feel when someone other than you witnessed a ‘babys first‘ he’s felt that pretty much everyday. The exhaustion you feel after baby has had a rough night, he has that too, and does a 10 hour shift then comes home and helps where he can because you need him. When your falling apart he keeps his cool and tells you it’s all going to be okay. When baby is losing her mind and you are crying along side her he stays calm, soothes baby, puts her to bed and hugs you untill you settle.

Thank you for EVERYTHING! Without you I’m not sure I’d have stayed relatively sane.

You are the other half to my dynamic duo. You help me keep this house running like clockwork (and rightly so it’s your home too) you tag team like a pro with little miss and ensure our timetables coincide so life always works around our little family.

You are everything that little girl could ever hope for. More than she could ever dream of and exactly what she needs in a role model. Thank you for being you.

She loves you more than you know, and I love you most.

Happy father’s day.

All our love xo

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