It’s public knowledge that when you have a child you say goodbye to those precious hours of sleep you took for granted. Goodbye to those days of sleeping past noon. Those days you could lounge around he house napping as you felt like it. We all know that all changes when you meet your perfect lil human.

From the second you welcome that wonderful bundle into your life you lose sleep. It was almost 96 hours before I first caught any sleep after she came along. She was born in the early hours of the morning, so of course I didn’t sleep much then. I didn’t sleep in hospital as I refused to take my eyes off her. I didn’t even pee untill Scott came back the next morning. I mean what if someone pinched her? (Irrational maybe but I didn’t want to leave her) I didn’t sleep the first night home because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and just kept an eye on her to k own she was okay, breathing properly, not too hot, not too cold. Then the milk finally came in. So when I wasn’t up feeding, I was changing my shirt, looking for towels to soak that shit up, and looking after my nipples because God were they killing me. After that first few days though, things started to settle.

Now please don’t take me for one of those braggy mums. I’m anything but. I actually feel pretty dang guilty when I’m talking to parents who at 8 months still are up at all hours if the night with baby. But we were very lucky. Our little bundle found a routine pretty quick. Once down she was up every 3-4 hours for a feed and change and in the early days that would be between 10pm & 10am. I know I can hear you tutting in disgust. Things pretty much stayed the same and now she’s down 8 till 8. But that is certainly not every day.

Oh my does she know how to lure you into a false sense of hope.

You just get comfortable. She follows a great routine for weeks (minus the odd rough night) and you start catching up on that much needed sleep. You get a solid SIX hours. You are on top of the world! You could get used to this, and you do.

Then BOOM!

She gives you a full 360°. She refuses to go down at night. Who are you to tell her otherwise? Her mother, And what? You’re up every 45 minutes! You hardly close your eyes before she wakes again. She fights going back in the cot. So you rock her and plead for just an hour, if she can give you just an hour you’ll be happy. You keep up this game untill you hear the birds start to chatter. You bring her to your bed. Hopefully she’ll settle there. DON’T BE SO STUPID! It’s 5am so you call it quits. You let him sleep because what’s the point in you both being tired and cranky. But you curse him a little under your breath for being able to sleep through all this chaos. Your day begins. She fights every nap. And yet still insists on playing the same game the next night. And you can only wonder how on earth they are not bloody tired when your eyeballs feel as though you dragged them through the Sahara.

These are the days they cling to you for dear life. You feel guilty for wanting them to just leave you alone for 5 minutes so you can pee, drink that cold tea and eat that half of rusk you left on the side. It rarely happens though. So I become a kangaroo.

Whatever you gotta do to make life work!

You got this mama!

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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