When I had a baby I realised quite quickly that having some form of routine was goig to make my life easier. Now I’m not talking a fully planned out itinerary with feeds, nappy changes and play time all accounted for at particular times. I’m talking more like bedtime routine or a pattern you follow during meal times.

For some people it’s easier to have a full plan:

  • 6am-first feed
  • 6:30- nappy change then nap
  • 8:30-second feed
  • 9am-nappy change and breakfast
  • 9:30-change clothes
  • Ect,ect,ect

For me that just wont work. I can’t statically plan my day out. I’d never get anything done, let alone be able to go anywhere. I thrive on a certain amount of spontaneity. Enough to keep life interesting and to keep baby happy, but not so much that I’m completely running wild.

Our week is pretty flexible. Monday my mum usually comes to visit. Tuesday Scott’s a parents tend to visit. Wednesday tends to be a lazy day. Thursday we go to Gymboree (a baby sensory class she loves) Friday we do bounce and rhyme at the library and take out new books. The weekend is spent chilling when I’m not doing princessing. Flexible enough we can play it by ear, but routined enough that we have something to do each week.

We have a loose routine in the morning depending on babies mood and what we are doing. It usually consists of lots of cuddles, a good half hour of boob juice for little miss, change, play, furchester hotel (I could do a one man reenactment of the entire of season one) breakfast, coffee (me not baby) play, full change, then morning nap. Obviously if there’s any plans or places to be this is scrapped for tge bare necessities version.

Night time however is set in stone (I’m just pretending the off nights don’t exist) dinner, play, bath, massage, bedtime storie, boob, bed. Most nights this works like a charm and she’s down by 8 and that’s her until anywhere between 4 & 6.

For us it works. For baby it works and that’s what matters.
If you choose to schedule every part of your day then go you. You have more patients than I. So long as it works who cares? If you decide to go with the wind and live by the roll of the dice then so be it. As long as your little family is happy and thriving what does it matter?

Keep your family happy. Keep them healthy. And cherish those days that run like clockwork. We can just brush the crappy days under the carpet.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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