Oh poop!


Part of being a mama is poop. Not that I find any particular part poop, just that’s all you think about, clean up and on wonderfully rare occasions wear.

You are guaranteed to Google baby poop at least 10 times in the first year just to keep yourself sane.

Has she pooped enough? Too much? Is it the right colour? Is it too loose? Hard? How many days are too many between poops? Is it constipation? Food? Food that helps baby poop? Food that stops them  pooping? Is it normal? Liquid? Breastfeeding? Formula? Is baby pooping too much? … The list goes on.

Everyone has an answer, a magic trick or or problem. (There’s always that mum whos better than you and does everything right)  but honestly there’s no one answer, because just like every adult, every baby is different. 

Breastfed babies for a start poop differently to formula fed babies. The colour, consistency and frequency is different in most cases. Some babies will only poop three times a week, others three times a day. Some babies need less dairy, some need prunes others​ need oranges or brown wholegrain. 

There shouldn’t be any major concern unless baby is feeding / drinking less or unhappy Or in pain. Really there is no one trick, it’s the same really as it is for you. Varied diet, fiber, fruit and veg and water. Usually that helps things along if not talk to your doctor or health visitor. 

 Just remember you’re doing great, baby will poop eventually and food is for fun !

You’ve got this.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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